The NCALB has published a revised Board Position Statement on Dry Needling.

You will find the full Position Statement here.



The email can now be used to contact the NCALB office!  Please update your address book.


Need a Verification of your Licensure Sent to another US State? 
Please submit your request in writing with a  $40 check or money order to the NCALB office.

About the NCALB


The purpose of the NCALB is to promote the health, safety and welfare of the North Carolina public through the licensure and regulation of acupuncturists.  The Board reviews all applications and ensures the credentials of all licensed acupuncturists meet a high standard and that only qualified individuals are permitted to practice in North Carolina.


The NCALB office is also a place where North Carolinians can call with questions about a licensed acupuncturist, and inquire about practitioners.  It's also a place where the public can turn to file a complaints against acupuncturists that they may feel are in violation of the law.


The NCALB also provides services to individuals applying for licensure as well as those already licensed in North Carolina.  The Board is the practitioner's resource for any questions regarding NC's laws and regulations, continuing education requirements as well as trends and advances in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in North Carolina.


Paola Learoyd, Executive Director ( can be contacted via email, telephone at 919-821-3008, or at NCALB  PO BOX 10686  Raleigh, NC  27605.  Katie Faulkner, Associate Director can be reached at  the same phone number and address.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Application for NC licensure found here.





PO Box 10686

Raleigh, NC  27605


Phone:  919-821-3008

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