Renewal Guidelines:  Renewal Rules and Regulations




The procedure and requirements for renewal of a license is as follows:


(1)    The license shall be renewed every two years on July 1.  Two months prior to the license renewal period, an application for renewal will be mailed to each licensee at the last address provided to the Board.  Failure to receive notification during this period does not relieve the licensee of the responsibility of meeting the continuing education requirements and renewal of his or her license.


(2)    An applicant for license renewal shall acknowledge on the form prepared by the Board that the licensee has completed the required continuing education units, the number of units completed of the programs completed. The licensee shall retain such receipts, vouchers, or certificates as may be necessary to document completion of the continuing education units required.


      Here you will find the forms to renew your license.  As a courtesy, the Board will send you a reminder around 60 days prior to your renewal date.  Please be sure to update the NCALB on any address changes or email address changes.


      Within these forms are the rules and regulations which govern renewal of licenses in NC.  There you will find the breakdown of the 40 hours needed to renew.

Please keep in mind that all courses should be approved by one of the listed organizations in the rules and regulations.




According to NC General Statute Chapter 90-457.1. Continuing education:


(f) A licensee may apply to the Board for an extension of time to complete the portion of continuing education requirements that the licensee is unable to meet due to such unforeseeable events as military duty, family emergency, or prolonged illness. The Board may, at its discretion, grant an extension for a maximum of one licensing period. The Board shall receive the request no later than 30 days before the license renewal date. The applicant shall attest that the request is a complete and accurate statement, and the request shall contain the following:


(1) An explanation of the licensee's failure to complete the continuing education requirements.

(2) A list of continuing education courses and hours that the licensee has completed.

(3) The licensee's plan for satisfying the continuing education requirements.




If you do not meet these guidelines and cannot complete your CEU requirement by July 1, your licensure will expire and you must stop practicing.  When you have completed your CEU requirement you must apply for a reinstatement of licensure using the REINSTATEMENT APPLICATION and in addition to the $300 renewal fee, a $200 late renewal fee is paid.





PLEASE NOTE:  For applicants applying for pre-approval of teaching hours, use the "CEU Provider Pre-Approval Forms" and submit the following, in accordance with 21 NCAC 01.0301(c)(2):


      A maximum of 15 CEUs may be obtained from teaching acupuncture diagnosis and treatment.  All CEUs for teaching shall be approved by the Board prior to the date of the class and awarded for actual classroom hours taught pursuant to this Rule.  For approval the licensee shall submit the following information:


(A)       Title of the course;

(B)       Summary of course content or class syllabus;

(C)       Location of the class;

(D)       Dates of the class;

(E)       Number of classroom hours taught; and

(F)       Copy of course evaluation to be provided students.




CEU Provider Pre-Approval Forms